The Festival Spot is Out!

The protagonist of the festival spot is the Czech Actor of 2017 and “face” of the Flora Theatre Festival this year – Miloslav König. The outsider with a weird prop (holding the ever growing dimension of his thoughts “together”) utters mutely part of the monologue from the Production of the Year The Thief's Journal directed by Jan Nebeský at the Masopust theatre company.


His pressing message is mercilessly cut by the door of the closing elevator; the weird legacy gets to us “at the last moment” but the announcer vanishes. Just like the physical forms of other anti-heroes vanish, whose thoughts or gestures – often times directed “against the wall”– keep resonating in our subconscious mind. Often even if these individuals get behind the walls of various institutions which is also the direction that the pathetic figure wearing a ridiculous tracksuit with a ball on his head is undoubtedly taking…

The video spot was shot in the premises of Miloslav's home scene – Divadlo Na zábradlí (the nervous sound background is not a technical glitch but artistic intention).

All the visuals of the 22nd Flora Theatre Festival were created by the photographer Ondřej Hruška and the graphic designer Zdeňka Giacintová.