Dancing, singing, and rapping about the traditional role of Korean women

An emotional performance of one of the most successful Korean dance groups GOBLIN PARTY will be the first production of the Focus: Korea. The quartet of dancing, rapping and swearing performers brings the issue of a current woman’s role in society to the central focus in A SILVER KNIFE and comments on it.

“The word ‘Eunjangdo (silver knife)‘ feels like a traditional story from an old time but with a mysterious mixture of rap, modernized songs and movements eliminating the border between times and spaces.”
Heemang BANG (Dance Critic, Korea Dance Webzine)


They’re schoolgirls playing at pop stars and warriors, but a streak of darkness to their games hints at the looming shadow of adulthood (…) The performers charm us with their relentless energy, led by the impossibly charismatic Kyung gu Lee; she raps languidly into a microphone, before snapping out of her nonchalance to hammer movement home with formidable precision.“
David Pallant (Aerowaves Springback Academy Fellow ‘18)
námět a režie Lim Jin-ho, Ji Kyung-min
co-creation Lim Sung-eun, Ahn Hyun-min, Lee Kyung-gu, Lee Yeon-ju
dramaturgy Lee Harim
production Kim Jin-woo
lights Lee Seung-ho
music Rémi Klemensiewicz
international relations Jang Soohye

cast Lim Sung-eun, Ahn Hyun-min, Lee Kyung-gu, Lee Yeon-ju

Premiere 19 August 2016


You can see the Silver Knife production on Thursday 16 May at 3.30 and on Friday 17 May already at 2.30 at Divadlo K3 venue at Konvikt, Palacký University Art Centre. The performance will be followed with a discussion. 

The GOBLIN PARTY was founded in 2007 and has performed at local as well as international scenes ever since. The group does not have one leader; it consists of several choreographers who create together. Based on contemporary dance and with the strongest focus on communicating with audience, the members are constantly trying to expand their as well as the audience’s perspective.

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