Immense interest in the festival productions

The festival launched the tickets sale today at 9 am and… an incredible amount of tickets has disappeared from the reservation system in matter of minutes, in some cases even in a few seconds!

We are of course really happy to see such immense interest (which a lot of festival fans share with appreciation), but… we also have a few reactions from disappointed voices that claim Flora is a “closed-off event.” – This is not true. For example for the Dejvické divadlo production which was sold out the fastest, we had 490 tickets (!) available for the sale which is much more than one complete capacity of the Moravské divadlo venue, for Klata’s Faust or Mikulášek’s Personas (staged in limited space of the S-Klub venue) also almost 250 for each… We encourage those who did not manage to get tickets for their favoured productions to keep an eye on the booking situation regularly (since quite a lot of them expire before being collected are put back in the sale). We look forward to seeing you in the middle of May – there is a big amount of tickets available also to other exclusive festival productions!


Petr Nerušil, festival director

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