Festival Venues are Growing...

…like mushrooms. Are you arriving to Olomouc for the first time? We will help you to find them! And also add a few more information about which productions are still available regarding the tickets.


The map of the 22nd Flora Theatre Festival has 7 checkpoints this year Konvikt (Art Centre of Palacký University) covers several important spaces – film hall, Divadlo K3, Kaple Božího Těla and courtyard on the ramparts, where you can find the important meeting point of the festival – the circus tent. The whole opening evening of the festival will take place there and you can still get tickets to both the film screening Proti zdi (Head-On), as well as to the concert of Nylon Jail.

On Friday 11 May we will take you to the  DŮM U PARKU venue for the first time. The Hungarian dance group Hodworks will show their project Solos in two performances. We would like to recommend the Saturday performance where there is more tickets available at the moment – Friday production is almost sold-out.

Last year we have guided the visitors through the space of a former electro shop on Dolní náměstí (Lower Square, Olomouc). We are happy that the dreams of the Divadlo na cucky team came true also thanks to the crowd-funding and a full-blown cultural venue was created where DNC moved its activities from the old building at Wurmova street. The ensemble of the DNC theatre will stage its premiere at the festival – original production entitled Opletal directed by the young and talented director Michal Hába. Its premiere (Friday), as well as first rerun (Saturday) are however almost sold out.The theatre will host discussions with the creative teams there later in the festival as well as the book exhibition Book Me and will become another unofficial meeting point – surely also for the cosy café, open over the course of the whole festival. Do stop by!

The music club S-klub turns into a theatre venue with 180 seats each year thanks to our technicians. This year is not an exception – first production will occur there already on Friday – Peter Jaško from Slovakia and Clara Furey, Canadian dancer and music experimenterare, are bringing a raw dance piece Untied Tales. Tickets are still available!

Divadlo hudby can be found in the building of Museum of Art in Olomouc and you can visit the dance workshop with Adrienn Hód or with Sylwia Hefczyńska-Lewandowska there. A few tickets are still available.

The biggest venue regarding the capacity is Moravské divadlo on the Horní nám. (Upper Square). Ensemble of Landungsbrücken, Frankfurt with production of Hate (La Haine) will test the stage for the first time on Saturday 12th May afternoon. One of the most awaited events of the 22. Flora Theatre Festival has still some tickets left!

The last item on the list of festival venues is Klub Vertigo, it should definitely not be missed by any “non-local” visitors of the Flora Theatre Festival. The likelihood of meeting renowned actors and directors is nearing 100%!