May 16th Thu, 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM | Divadlo na cucky


    E. Tabery – I. Mikulová – P. Lančarič ABANDONED SOCIETY Divadlo na cucky Olomouc

    Thoughts of K. H. Borovský, TGM, F. Peroutka, V. Černý, J. Patočka or V. Havel in a stage collage of texts of the last book of the editor in chief of the Respekt weekly. Adventurous journey from the formation of the Republic to our present – with the Slovak director Patrik Lančarič. World premiere.
    DISCUSSION follows

    directed by Patrik Lančarič
    script Iva Mikulová, Patrik Lančarič
    dramaturgy Iva Mikulová
    assistant to the dramaturgy Adam Bucek
    production and creative production Anna Zelinková
    assistant to the production Pavlína Šťastná
    stage manager Tereza Papáčková
    lights and sound Josef Malík

    Dagmar Kopečková, Jan Mansfeld, Marek Šenkyřík


    “All good reporting is the same thing — the best attainable version of the truth. It’s about knocking on doors. It’s about talking to a lot of people, getting sources.” (Carl Bernstein)

    The production Abandoned Society brings Erik Tabery on stage together with his book of the same title, which caught the attention of the readership and became the book of 2018 at the Magnesia Litera Awards. At which point in history – from the origin of Czechoslovakia to the present – did our society become abandoned? And who was it abandoned by? Aren’t we too attached to myths without subjecting them to critical evaluation? How can we discern populism from truth in the current media-filled world? Is the young generation able to start building up again those foundations which were shaken by the loss of critical thinking? The production opens up a dialogue with the audience and their views on contemporary society.


    The theatre and film director Patrik Lančarič (1972), a graduate of theatre directing at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, worked as the artistic director of the drama section of the State Theatre in Košice between 2002 and 2004. He has cooperated regularly with professional as well as independent theatres (Slovak National Theatre, Astorka-Korzo 90´ in Bratislava, Slovenské komorné divadlo in Martin, SK, Štúdio L+S, etc) as well as abroad (he cooperated with various theatres in Germany, Norway, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands). Since 2017 he has worked as the artistic director of Městské divadlo Zlín, where he staged, for example, a musical by Dežo Ursíny Petr a Lucie (2018) or the second part of the “shoemaker trilogy” Já, Baťa (2017) about Jan Antonín Baťa based on a play by Peter Pavlac, who is the author of another text that Lančarič adapted here: Masaryk/Štefánik (2018).
    The director also works in the field of film, TV and radio production. His feature film debut Rozhovor s nepriateľom (Facing the Enemy, 2007) was followed by the documentary portrait Ladislav Chudík (2008). His currently most prominent film project is Hrana / 4 filmy o Marekovi Brezovskom (The Edge – 4 Films about Marek Brezovsky, 2014), a documentary about the music genius and his tragic death, which is part of Lančarič’s cult film trilogy Trilógie HRANA (THE EDGE Trilogy, 2011–2016). Lančarič received the prestigious Tatra Banka Foundation Art Award last year for the direction of the film Válek (2018) depicting the controversial life of the poet Miroslav Válek, Minister of Culture during the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia. The film was also awarded the Sun in a Net Award in the best editing category. He is currently working on a documentary film about Dezo Hoffman the first photographer of The Beatles.
    Divadlo na cucky is an open space for culture on Dolní náměstí square in the centre of Olomouc. Apart from their own productions, the theatre focuses on presentation of visiting ensembles, creative workshops for all generations and the development of social dialogue through discussions and lectures. The cultural centre also consists of a café named Café na cucky and Gallery XY.
    The theatre creates its own permanent repertoire focused on original productions and contemporary drama. The specific mix of staging teams during the creative process forms the unique poetics. The scene tends toward experimentation and a search for new means of communication; reflecting current social themes (nationalism, polarisation of society) and each year creates at least one production for teenagers. The direction of the theatre is shaped by the artistic director Silvia Vollmannová and the director of DW7 Jan Žůrek in close dialogue with guest directors (Michal Hába, Patrik Lančarič, Šimon Spišák).
    photo: Kristýna Sigmundová