With over 50 participants from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Slovenia and Norway, the conference was a major success bringing to one table professionals, from dancers to managers, from choreographers to producers, who took the time to discuss potential future channels of cooperation (not only) within the Visegrad region and its vicinity. Stay tuned for more information on the conference results to be published soon.

Meanwhile, check pictures from the conference

Do we need more collaboration within the dance field on the Visegrad axes? What can we learn from existing V4 performing arts projects in terms of strengths and pitfalls? And a Visegrad Dance Platform? What good would it do (and to whom)? Is is mobility and collaboration that artists from the Czech Republic, Slovaki,a Poland and Hungary strive for the most? What do inspiring models from abroad teach us? Is Visegrad merely a financing channel or could it become a marketing label selling V4 dance across the world? To what extent is our field influenced by the current negative connotation of Visegrad in international relations? Does the artistic Visegrad with all its open-mindedness have the potential to redefine the negativism around the political Visegrad?

These are just a few of the questions that will be addressed within a conference entitled Visegrad Dance Platform? by 50 artists, arts managers, critics and dance theorists from V4 countries. The conference is held within the XXth edition of the Flora Theatre Festival.

Check the conference details including the schedule here.

Visegrad Dance Platform? is a project supported from the International Visegrad Fund. The project is organized by DW7 in partnership with L1 Association (HU), Centre for Culture in Lublin (PL), Truc sphérique (SK) and Tanec Praha (CZ).

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