please note that the program is currently under construction and therefore subject to change
FRIDAY, May 13

19.30 Gala opening of Theatre Flora festival
PRAEAMBULUM - Ingun Bjørnsgaard Prosjekt
Moravian Theatre Olomouc

21.30 Welcome drink
Jesuit Convict
Univerzitní street n. 3

22.00 Festival party (optional)
festival grounds
Jesuit Convict


9.30 Meeting of conference participants over morning coffee at Divadlo na cucky (Wurmova 577/7)

10.00 Official opening of conference program

10.00 – 11.30
PANEL I - Existing collaborative projects & initiatives in the field of Visegrad
Mapping out existing V4 collaborations. What are their strengths and what pitfalls to beware of?

moderator: Martin Bernátek (NIPOS ARTAMA / Arts and Theatre Institute)

Orsolya BÁLINT (Journalist of Vasárnapi Hírek / KÖM by L1 Association)
Barbora Ulriková (Stanica Žilina – Zárečie, Visegrad Residency Programme)
Ewan McLaren (Alfred ve dvoře theatre / Identity.Move)

Before we delve into the debate on whether more intense collaboration is needed in the V4, let’s get a brief excursion around existing initiatives, their strengths and pitfalls.

The International Visegrad Fund is a unique tool supporting closer collaborative initiatives. On the other hand, far too many projects are created solely to fit in the calls‘ criteria, creating a land of “projects for the sake of projects“. This is not to suggest, though, that for example the Visegrad Performing Arts Residency Program is not one of smartest models around Europe to foster residencies. In the light of the above said, what is the presentation or marketing potential of V4 projects? Are we stronger when united? And what inspiration can we draw from past initiatives in the territory? Can we trace close and organic cooperation regardless of grant tools? These are the issues to be tackled within the opening panel.

11.30 – 13.00 Lunch

13.00 – 15.00 Good collaborative practice in different territories – inspiration for the Visegrad?
Good practice in different geographic regions. What is their cement? How do they operate? To what extent is the practice implementable in the V4 context?

moderator: Yvona Kreuzmannová (Tanec Praha)

Dragana Alfirević (Nomad Dance Academy)
Kirre Q. Arneberg (Ice Hot Platform)
Susanne Naes Nielsen (Kedja - a platform for the Nordic-Baltic contemporary dance community)

We have the pleasure to have as our guests representatives of prominent European initiatives that can be inspiring for further collaboration within the Visegrad region. They shall speak for networks and platforms the principles of which, at least to some extent, bear comparison to the V4 context. Let’s have a closer look at interesting models of cooperation in different territories and their contents. What is their focus? How do they identify their key themes? How successful are they in meeting their goals? What is the impact of their activity? Let’s get inspired and set out on a collective journey to an optimal model of cooperation.

15.00 and later
optional attendance at festival shows
festival party

SUNDAY, May 15

10.00 Morning workshops / round tables

participants divided into 3 study groups
1. Needs of mobility within V4 – powered by Marta Ladjanszki (L1 Association)
2. Mapping (venues, institutions, opportunities) within V4 – powered by Markéta Perroud (Tanec Praha)
3. V4 Visibility – Jadwiga Majewska (independent dance writer, theoretician, dramaturge, curator, organiser, researcher)
Should an urge to launch a more intense collaboration within the V4 arise as a result of the conference, it must be based on solid grounds.
It is of utmost importance that all conference participants deal with
the real and specific needs of the sector. It is the knowledge of these that can lead us to clear definitions of realistic goals. The goals, in their turn, can lead us to a clearly formulated initiative, may it be a festival, a network or any other form.

The conference participants shall be divided into three focus groups
according to their professional background (artists, journalists, arts
managers, producers, etc.), with each group lead by a representative of one of the organizing bodies. The core themes to be dealt with are mobility of artists, mapping out the V4 and the regions visibility in international context. Each group shall present their conclusions to the other participants and the ideas most worth sharing shall be published

11.30 Morning workshops summary + discussion

12.30 Conference closure