Dear Festival Visitor,

In mid May this year, theatre artists and musicians hailing from fourteen countries and three continents will meet in Olomouc: the whole city will once again revive with the Flora Theatre Festival (DF) and its 14th edition outlined by the motto “New Classics”.
The programme aspirations of the organizers (members and partners of Divadlo Konvikt, Civic Association) have been to bring together theatre productions made by major characters of contemporary theatre – artists whose main intention is first of all the capability of grasping a classic literary subject matter (be it fiction or drama) in an inventive way, remodelling the original into a viable and modern stage shape. We have addressed directors and performing artists who are able not to merely reproduce well-known stories and topics by original means, but also render them in an interesting way, revealing unexpected contexts and links that reverberate with today's problems and the modern times we live in.
Beside anti-illustrative drama adaptations, this year's Flora has to offer
a number of brilliant dance performances as well, so-called “new theatre” productions in addition to many great concerts and film screenings. I am really glad that despite the unfavourable economic climate at the moment, the festival may boast of the richest programme in its history including no less than six productions which will have their premiere at the festival!
I strongly believe that out of seven dozen festival events, you will be able to choose productions that would not only entertain or move you, but maybe make you feel a little nervous as well, disrupt your thinking stereotypes and stir musings on theatre and life, about people around you and about yourself.
In the name of all DF organizers, I am looking forward to meeting you during the spectacular eleven-day-long (!) theatre fiesta!
Yours Faithfully,

Petr Nerušil,
Director, DF 2010

Dear lovers of first-rate theatre,

Let me welcome you once again after another year in the Olomouc Region and its capital city of Olomouc. The Flora Theatre Festival has come up to to its 14th year of existence. Over the past years, the number of performances has been constantly on the rise, and in addition to that, the festival has been supplemented by other activities, which in turn enriched the cultural life of the city. A simple inventory of numbers speaks for itself: eleven days, seven stages, seventy events. Over the years, the Flora Theatre Festival has indeed turned into a respectable event.
For many years, Olomouc has been associated with topflight theatre: beside three companies of Moravian Theatre, the city hosts minor companies as well. The Olomouc Region is providing long-term support for these activities. Both the companies and individual events are granted millions of Czech crowns each year. This year, the Flora Theatre Festival has been given support of 1.5 million crowns. I believe that thanks to our donation, we may once again look forward to many agreeable experiences this year.


Ing. Martin Tesařík,
President of the Olomouc Region

Dear visitors of the International Flora Theatre Festival,

It was my forerunner, the previous director of the Moravian Theatre Olomouc, who stated that “our” festival had become a major theatre feast. This year, the feast has grown even larger than before due to the fact that despite the ongoing economic crisis, neither its quality nor its long-term programme vision has suffered a single bit.

Let me mention on behalf of the coorganizer, the Moravian Theatre, that
I am greatly pleased by two of our productions appearing as part of the programme of the 14th edition of the Flora Theatre Festival: the premiere of Terry Pratchett's Men at Arms and the spectacular ballet performance Macbeth, which will close this year's festival.

My personal hope is that this year's programme should bring rich cultural experience and profound joy of meeting others to everyone.

Let us enjoy the magic of theatre and the charm of life.
Josef Podstata,
Director, Moravian Theatre Olomouc

Fourteen years ago, the City of Olomouc hosted the International Flora Theatre Festival for the very first time. Throughout its history, this feat of Olomouc lovers of first-rate theatre has offered to the audience a large number of top performances and managed to build up a circle of content spectators who keep visiting the event each year. The Flora Theatre Festival has grown from a shy toddler into a self-confident young girl. And, as this is usually the case with entering the 14th year of one's life, the festival has not evaded adolescence in a positive sense of the word: an effort to be different, a little on the rebellious side and new, yet rooted in the good old educative purpose. It is therefore no wonder that this year's festival motto has been coined as “New Classics”.
I deeply believe that modern interpretations of classic literature will draw
a great many spectators to the Moravian Theatre, Konvikt and the Upper Square in appreciation of the efforts of Czech and foreign artists and theatre companies. Dear friends, whether you will come to look for non-traditional drama, new trends in dance theatre, brand new premieres or whether you just have some little time to spare,
I hope that you will always leave with a feeling of remarkable and long-lasting cultural experience.
It is most amazing to see what a large project has developed from the originally tiny theatre event, and let me say that I am proud about the fact that something like this has happened in Olomouc. Finally, let me wish the Flora Theatre Festival good health for the uneasy years of a growing girl to come and a lot of energy so that we may celebrate “her” consenting age in a couple of years.
Martin Novotný,
Mayor, City of Olomouc
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