Divadlo Konvikt Olomoucký kraj
Moravské divadlo Olomouc Statutární město Olomouct

SAT May 15

SATMay 15
1:00 pmKonvikt / Bílá nora / free admission

3:00 pmKonvikt / circus tent / fairy-tales / free admission
J. Vaňousová & J. Kollertová
Tomáš Běhal
T. Podrazil & J. Vaňousová

5:00 pmKonvikt / film hall / free admission
Czechoslovakia 1978 / dir. L. Ráža
A family adventure flick based upon Jules Verne's fiction
about two different cities, life principles and a secret agent.
7:30 pmMoravian Theatre
State Theatre Košice / SK
A riveting Greek myth, a stage production of an Ancient tragedy boasting
with four nominations for the prestigious Slovak “Dosky 2009” Theatre Awards
(Best Direction – Best Actress – Best Stage Design – Best Stage Music).
Directed by Michal Vajdička
9:10 pmUpper Square / free admission
Mamadoo / PL
A fire show teeming with energy and inventive choreography merges
with stage music into a spontaneous performance by this Polish quartet bringing out
the vivid and colourful world of a dance retro club.
10:00 pmKonvikt / circus tent
W. Shakespeare – J. Jelínek
Divadlo DNO Hradec Králové / CZ
Behind the gates of Elsinore, a massacre is looming...
Will someone ever show up to avert the disaster?!
Turn up the volume, the ramparts are going to thunder and roar!
11:00 pmKonvikt / ramparts / concert / free admission
Jelení loje

11:45 pmKonvikt / circus tent / free admission
DJ René

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/ tel. +420 585 500 500, email: pokladna@moravskedivadlo.cz / from Mon April 19, 2010