Divadlo Konvikt Olomoucký kraj
Moravské divadlo Olomouc Statutární město Olomouct

SUN May 16

SUNMay 16
10:30 amKonvikt / Bílá nora / free admission

2:00 pmKonvikt / circus tent / fairy-tales / free admission
Elena Volpi
Anna Suchánková

4:00 pmKonvikt / film hall / free admission
Czechoslovakia 1949 / dir. V. Čech
A lyrical fantasy adaptation of the classic short story
by the Czech writer Božena Němcová starring the mesmeric Vlasta Fialová.
6:00 pmMoravian Theatre programme change!
William Shakespeare
Divadlo Husa na provázku Brno / CZ
The most bizarre of all Shakespeare's plays in an inventive version
by one of the most original interpreters of the world classic drama,
the Czech director Jan Mikulášek. A drama of vengeance, boldness, fear of death and of one’s own
conscience: a landmark experience without a warranty of guaranteed answers...
9:15 pmKonvikt / atrium
Stefan Dreher / D
A dozen of female volleyball players join the choreographer, dancer and festival globetrotter
in this contemplative “sport and body culture performance” kicked back and forth under the net!
10:30 pmKonvikt / circus tent
W. Shakespeare – J. Jelínek
Divadlo DNO Hradec Králové / CZ
A comic variation on the topic of evil. This original version of Shakespeare’s major drama
was ranked by Prague’s “next wave“ festival in the top three Czech alternative
theatre projects of the last year’s season.

for ticket sale and booking please contact the box office of Moravian Theatre Olomouc
/ tel. +420 585 500 500, email: pokladna@moravskedivadlo.cz / from Mon April 19, 2010