Divadlo Konvikt Olomoucký kraj
Moravské divadlo Olomouc Statutární město Olomouct

THU May 20

THUMay 20
3:00 pmKonvikt / film hall / free admission
Great Britain 2006 / dir. M. Winterbottom
A film on film, absurd pun and documentary recording all in one:
a bold adaptation of irreproducible impressions and experiences
gathered by the visionary Laurence Sterne.
5:30 pmKonvikt / K3
Márta Ladjánszki
Júlia Garai – Zsolt Varga / L1 Budapest / HUN
A meditative introspection by a unique Hungarian experimental artist braced
with the theme of inability to communicate and open oneself to another human being.
7:00 pmMoravian Theatre
Henrik Ibsen
Divadlo Petra Bezruče Ostrava / CZ
The rough Northern European climate meets – in this directorial vision by Jan Mikulášek –
the no less severe Northern Moravia whilst out of the bog of trickery,
stale air is rising up. A tragedy featuring skeletons in the wardrobe
and ducks in the attic at the forefront of the action.
7:30 pmKonvikt / film hall / free admission
Japan 2007 / dir. T. Miike
Macbeth “dissolved” into a taciturn Western rider,
a resolute samurai and a playful Spaghetti Western figure.
9:45 pmKonvikt / ramparts / concert
Apse / USA
An atmospheric post-rock storm charged with the energy of Sigur Rós,
the classic figures of American alternative music and Animal Collective's wackiness!
11:15 pmKonvikt / circus tent / free admission
DJ René

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