Divadlo Konvikt Olomoucký kraj
Moravské divadlo Olomouc Statutární město Olomouct

WED May 12

WEDMay 12
4:30 pmKonvikt / film hall / free admission
Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, France 2003 / dir. L. von Trier
“A truth game” tainted with stylized authenticity hailing
from the Dogme 95 manifest come together in a documentary project
by top Danish filmmakers.
7:00 pmKonvikt / K3
Ji Eun Lee
ME-SA / Kalousková Lacová Párová / CZ
Final part of the allegoric trilogy by the Korean choreographer
known for her Buddhist-like fragility. The first two parts
(Objects and Grains and Angels and Demons) were presented
at the Flora Theatre Festival in 2007 and 2008.
9:00 pmKonvikt / circus tent
SKUTR & Adéla Laštovková Stodolová / CZ
In coproduction of the FLORA THEATRE FESTIVAL, the SKUTR duo and Prague’s
La Fabrika theatre, performed by the dancer and choreographer Adéla Stodolová
and the directorial tandem Martin Kukučka & Lukáš Trpišovský, this performance
will hit the road soon after and represent Czech culture at Expo 2010 in Shanghai.
10:30 pmKonvikt / circus tent / concert cancelled!
Robotnik / IRL
Chris Morrin, energetic Dublin performer notorious for his inimitable communication
with the audience makes an appearance as a punk astronaut,
Beatnik poet and a loony Woody Allen's lookalike.
10:30 pmKonvikt / circus tent / free admission / start changed!
DJ Jakub

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