Divadlo Konvikt Olomoucký kraj
Moravské divadlo Olomouc Statutární město Olomouct

WED May 19

WEDMay 19
2:30 pmKonvikt / film hall / free admission
Mexico 1970 / dir. A. Jodorowsky
A bizarre medley of weird freaks and scenes in a cult “midnight movie”
which is psychedelic as much as it is unbearable!
5:30 pmKonvikt / K3
Edan Gorlicki / IZR
Corneliu Ganea / RUM
Fernando Martins / BRA
Random Collision Groningen / NL
A vivid variety show including the works by the incoming generation
of young choreographers. A search for new ways of expression in dance theatre sees
the original stage methods of modern nonverbal playwriting pervade the specific “odour”
of various cultural identities.
7:30 pmMoravian Theatre
K. H. Mácha
Slovácké divadlo Uherské Hradiště / CZ
A classic Romantic fanciful “horror story” by the founder of modern Czech literature
in a stage interpretation by the director J. A. Pitínský. A ghastly medley of imaginative scenes,
worrying shrieks and intertwined twists of fate of the major characters...
7:45 pmKonvikt / film hall / free admission
Poland 1958 / dir. A. Wajda
The paramount work of European film. Existential story of a youngster
taking place during a highly controversial period at the close of WW2.
9:45 pmKonvikt / circus tent
Divadlo Vosto5 / CZ
This theatre slot machine gives spectators a chance to change the fate of a young girl
who decides to fulfil her big dream in the capital city... The most recent performance
by the Czech “classics” of theatre improvisation!
11:00 pmKonvikt / ramparts / concert / free admission
Bovary Band

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/ tel. +420 585 500 500, email: pokladna@moravskedivadlo.cz / from Mon April 19, 2010