OTHERNESS as the new norm?


Different – diversity – distinctiveness… You can certainly think of other synonyms and associations connected to this year’s Flora Theatre Festival motto. “Otherness” can be understood not only as a variability of our existence –thematised by the diverse work of the current drama and performance scene – but it can also be perceived as the exclusivity of choreographic, dance and acting personalities, this year with an emphasis on women creators whose works resonate strongly across the international artistic spectrum.

An exclusive guest of the 26 Flora – German director, performer and activist Simone Dede Ayivi – focuses on transgenerational and feminist themes. Throughout her work she focuses on the lives of immigrants in Germany and the lives of children who were already born there. (Photo Mayra Wallraff)


“The themes and concepts of the selected productions communicate with each other in an exceptional way already on an implicit level,” explains Jitka Pavlišová, one of the dramaturges of this year’s festival programme. “Within the dance and performance programme the productions explicitly enter multi-layered discussions on burning topics of individual existence as well as cultural and social identities in which we live and act on a daily basis,” says Pavlišová.

Otherness as artistic expression. Otherness versus convention. Otherness as stigma. Otherness of culture, genre, ideas…

“Reactions to the Putin regime’s war in Ukraine, the (post)migrant experience as well as borderline ‘other’ forms of theatre. These are all phenomena of contemporary German theatre which are also intertwined in the selection of the German-speaking productions,” reveals Dominika Široká, the dramaturge of the German-speaking programme.

The Czech programme line will also turn its attention to works that go beyond the usual staging and theatre-operation routine. The productions will develop and examine the social and artistic connotations connected to the festival leitmotif in terms of content, theme or style. They will comment on the time and the environment in which they were created, while at the same time transforming them, showing them in a different light and in new contexts, says festival director Petr Nerušil.

What ideas and feelings does “otherness” evoke in you? What it reminds you of? Which questions does it bring…? Together we will look for answers to these questions at the 26 Flora Theatre Festival – especially during discussions with artists and experts which will enable us to look at the themes introduced in the productions from a different perspective.

We will be happy to see you at the festival!