Otherness of the 26th Flora Theatre Festival

The genre-rich programme accentuates the diversity of variations of human existence and the selected festival events often map their boundary positions – thus consciously relativising the sense of the existence of ‘fixed’ borders. Through them (and this is our long-term endeavour) we want to open up discussions on the preconceived perception of social phenomena and aesthetic forms.

We give voice to those for whom the various forms of diversity – ethnic, gender or physical – are a source of inspiration, not phobia. Those who enlightenedly ignore outdated conventions and unmask social and theatrical clichés. Creative personalities who freely, but with respect for cultural and ideological differences, transcend ‘staging boundaries’ – towards an affirmation or liberating discovery of their own authentic ‘otherness’.

This year we are giving significant space to women creators in particular, because women are still undervalued in the artistic environment.


26 Flora Visual Design

The motto ‘OTHERNESS’ is also underlined by the atypical, playful visuals created by painter Adéla Janská and graphic designer Radim Měsíc. The Olomouc-based artist, who has also made a name for herself internationally, has given Flora generous permission to use her paintings, and the festival will thus take place under the supervision of androgynous women with porcelain complexions and expressive, almost theatrical make-up. „Instead of the traditional ‚framing‘ of the paintings with graphic elements in post-production, we have chosen a different, more invasive path that accentuates the clash of the two media,“ says Radim Měsíc about his artistic intention. The polarity of the digital and analogue worlds is underlined by the exposed layers of Photoshop and the admitted ‘strokes’ of the various tools of the graphics program.

More about 26 Flora's visual concept and Adéla Janská's work in the link.

26 Flora Festival Spot (YouTube DF)

Visual Design in the Streets of Olomouc – photo gallery.