October 15th Fri, 7:00 PM - 7:45 PM | Arcidiecézní muzeum – Mozarteum

    Jan Nebeský – Egon Tobiáš – Franz Kafka THE LITTLE CREATOR /
    Divadelní spolek Jedl

    The chameleon-like performance of Karel Dobrý as an “obnoxious brat” as well as a sensitive creative mind, in an expressive and funny miniature inspired by the life and work of Franz Kafka was awarded the best male performance of 2020 at the Theatre Critics Awards. Directed by: Jan Nebeský.
    In cooperation with Dny židovské kultury festival.
    Director Jan Nebeský has strong, charismatic yet sensitive actors on stage and he lets them go wild and have fun. Behind it, however, we can sense the rather black precipice of human existence. 
    Marie Reslová, Aktuálně.cz, 26 June 2020
    Karel Dobrý is quite fascinating in his white fitted leotard and white shorts with a small telescopic tape measure on his belt. A weird fragile and sensitive being, an inherent outcast. (…) he would not even need to speak since he can act everything with his eyes: the feeling of strangeness, the ironic attitude, resistance…
    Jana Machalická, Lidové noviny, 24 June 2020

    directed by Jan Nebeský

    author Egon Tobiáš
    costumes Petra Vlachynská

    performing Karel Dobrý, Lucie Trmíková, Martin Dohnal

    Premiere 22 June 2020


    The creative tandem of Lucie Trmíková (author, screenwriter, dramaturg, actress) – Jan Nebeský (director, stage designer) together with David Prachař (actor and director) have formed a unique, renowned theatre brand for over a decade which only received its name in 2011 – Divadelní spolek Jedl (an abbreviation of their names Jenda, David, Lucie). They bring original personal testimonies on stage which often interweave art styles and genres. Based on screenplays by Lucie Trmíková and directed by Jan Nebeský,  Jedl has so far created Inferno – Variation on Dante (2014), Dvojí domov/Z Čepa (2015), Miluji tě jak po smrti (2016), Reynek / Words and Images from Petrkov (2017) Zahradníček / All Mine Is Yours (2020) or the loose trilogy Medea, The Waste Land (Divadelní noviny Award 2019 in the alternative theatre section) and Private Confessions (Divadelní noviny Award in 2019 in best performance regardless of genre as well as the Thalia Award for Lucie Trmíková). Marking their ten year anniversary and also thirty years from their first cooperation, the trio decided to celebrate with the premiere of a shared project Getting Married – a variation on Strindberg. The “holy trinity” of artists regularly cooperates with the musicians Pavel Fajt, Jan Šikl and Martin Dohnal, the counter tenor Jan Mikušek and the 420PEOPLE dance company, the costume designer Petra Vlachynská or the playwright Egon Tobiáš (NoD Quijote, Příliš tichý nos, The Little Creator / Der kleine Fratz). 

    Jan Nebeský (1954) is a remarkable director with a unique stage vision not only in the context of Czech theatre. He studied directing at DAMU Academy in Prague. His productions of H. Ibsen rank among his most significant: Ghosts (1988), John Gabriel Borkman (1995), The Master Builder (1999) or the awarded Wild Duck staged at Divadlo v Dlouhé (2005), where he later also produced Little Eyolf (2013) and Hedda Gabler (2016). His last production at Dlouhá was an original adaptation of Gertrud von le Fort’s novella Vytržení panny z Barby (Die Abberufung der Jungfrau von Barby,2021). Jan Nebeský discovered the Austrian writer E. Jandl for Czech theatre when he staged The Humanists at Divadlo Komedie (2007) or the play Out of Estrangement at Divadlo Na zábradlí, which was awarded the Alfred Radok Award in 2004.
    Apart from his productions Out of Estrangement and Little Eyolf, the Flora Theatre Festival hosted an original trilogy by the creative team Nebeský–Prachař–Fajt in 1999, 2009 and 2011, which focused on major literary figures confronted with serious art topics: Hamlet Part II, Incomplete Dream based on F. Pessoy and finally NoD Quijote inspired by B. Reynek’s graphics. He continues in this tradition with the Jedl group.
    He also works as a guest director at other large theatres, his Nora at Divadlo pod Palmovkou received the Divadelní noviny Award and Thalia Award for Tereza Dočkalová in the main role. His production The Thief’s Journal received 3 awards at the 2017 Theatre Critics’ Award as the Production of the Year, Best Music for the composer Martin Dohnal and Best Male Performance for Miloslav König who also received the Divadelní noviny Award for the Performance of the 2016/17 season. Both awarded productions were featured at Flora.
    photo Zuzana Lazarová

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