December 11th Sat, 8:30 PM - 10:00 PM | Jazz Tibet Club

    Grey Paris

    A magic symbiosis of electronic features and emotionally charged piano compositions in an innovative conception by the experimental Berlin-based trio.
    They characterize their music as „cinematic electro-acoustic jazz“ and the truth is that the sound landscapes they make through enchanting, minimal and trance echoryhtms are creating images so powerful that they are one of the most unique modern jazz groups.
    Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival
    In the music of the Berlin-based trio Grey Paris, classical music instruments meet electronic music and together create a minimalistic almost film-like atmosphere. The connection of electronic features and emotional piano compositions gives birth to various sound scapes spiced with changing dance rhythms, spherical sounds and electronic experiments.
    Arian Stechert drums, electronics, sampling
    Mark Beumer bass, electronics
    Yiorgos Parisis composition, piano, electronics
    photo Alice Bacher, Yiorgos Laios

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