October 31st Sun, 5:00 PM - 5:40 PM | Konvikt – Divadlo K3


    Sabina Bočková & Johana Pocková / POCKetART LION’S DEN

    The incoming generation of Czech dance in a precisely choreographed and emotionally exposed performance focused on the manipulability and power strategies of political populism. A symbolic designation of the space which current society is de facto voluntarily falling into… The production is part of the exclusive selection of the international Aerowaves platform.
    Discussion follows.
    The initial research of the bodily reaction to appealing populist phrases, the influence of media and societal expectations resulted in a performance where Johana Pocková and Sabina Bočková displayed their bodies as exemplars of vulnerability. (…) they created an ecstatic cry of an unfree human being who has been deprived of their own view.
    Kristýna Boháčová, divadelninoviny.cz, 6 January 2020
    concept, choreography, performing Johana Pocková, Sabina Bočková
    dramaturgy Viktor Černický
    light design Eliška Kociánová
    music Lukáš Palán
    Premiéra 3 December 2019


    Johana Pocková (1992) studied at the dance conservatory Duncan Centre in Prague. This was followed by a study stay at Peridance Capezio Centre in New York and two years at SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance). She cooperates as a performer with Cirk La Putyka ensemble and Tantehorse dance group. She won the Jarmila Jeřábková Award in 2017 for her choreography MURDER! A Little Comics History. She founded the dance collective POCKetART, in which she produces (not only) her own choreographies, e.g.  Why Not now?, Onto the Scale! or the intergenerational experiment Full Store of Emotions, where four professional dancers performed together with an eight-year-old girl and Johana’s ninety-year-old grandmother. Johana Pocková likes to cast her work in a melancholic guise, but it often includes absurd humour as well. She used to view art as a means of dealing with personal matters and inner processes, while currently she is more inspired by social topics.
    Sabina Bočková (1995) studied classical ballet at Dance Centre Prague. She was a member of the South Bohemian Ballet and a soloist in the Prague Chamber Ballet. She has established herself on the Czech independent dance scene since 2017. As a performer, she is part of the n o m a d project of Alice Minárová and cooperates with Tantehorse (Vivisectic, !O!-Family Therapy) and tYhle (LEGOrhythm, Medúza). She is a member of the dance collective POCKetART (Storage Full of Emotions). Together with Tomáš Janypka, she created dance performance song lines (2020), which examines the trauma of bereavement. She also studies philosophy and anthropology at the Faculty of Humanities at Charles University in Prague.
    The talented creative duo Bočková–Pocková met in the lab of Miřenka Čechová & Tantehorse called Tantelab, which led to the production !O! – Family Therapy (2018) focused on the topic of mental illnesses. In their new joint project Lion’s Den, the authors deviate from personal topics and focus on the social and cultural phenomenon of our days – the manipulative power of media.
    photo Vojtěch Brtnický

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