Divadlo Konvikt Olomoucký kraj
Moravské divadlo Olomouc Statutární město Olomouct

MON May 17

MONMay 17
2:00 pmKonvikt / film hall / free admission
Czechoslovakia 1967 / dir. F. Vláčil
The final part of František Vláčil’s historic trilogy praised for its perfect audiovisual harmony
of black-and-white pictures and majestic music soundtrack.
5:30 pmKonvikt / K3 / first performance at FLORA THEATRE FESTIVAL 2010!
Georg Büchner
Divadlo na cucky Olomouc / CZ
A provocative fragment of European Romantic literature laid out on a post-mortem table
by the director Ján Mikuš. The opening night of a sketch aiming to titillate the taste
buds of followers of the poetic flair of circus tents ready to go this summer!
7:00 pmMoravian Theatre
Georg Büchner
Divadlo na Vinohradech Prague / CZ
One of the most controversial Czech theatre performances of the post-Velvet Revolution times.
The Alfréd Radok Award for Best Czech Theatre Production of 2009.
Directed by Daniel Špinar
7:00 pmKonvikt / film hall / free admission
Great Britain, France 2005 / dir. J. Wright
Jane Austen's “marriage of romance and irony”
in plain treatment of a story of “happiness despite circumstances”.
9:30 pmKonvikt / circus tent
W. Shakespeare – J. Jelínek
Divadlo DNO Hradec Králové / CZ
A notorious love story in a playful variation by the unmistakable company
from Hradec Králové transferred from the Renaissance palaces of Verona to a modest stage
built in the centre of a circus tent. The round-off of three Shakespearean paraphrases
performed over three nights at this year’s festival!
10:45 pmKonvikt / circus tent / free admission
DJ Jakub

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